Chengdu Pangod Zongheng Group originated from Chengdu Pangod Network Co., Ltd., which was established in 2003. It is a comprehensive group company, which integrates independent enterprise operations and investment incubation on business services. Currently, the group has branch offices in Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanxi, Gansu, Beijing and Japan. Its main business includes advertising services, technology services, financial services, brand promotion services, Japanese hotel and guesthouse operation management, and tourism services. It has independently operated Pangod Advertising, Fudu Pawn, Japan Pangoo Hotel and Huanzong Travel. It has also invested successfully in some business and service brands such as Hongjun Brand Management, Pangod Information and Fangfa Digital. Over the past 20 years, the group has provided advertising and technology services to tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as some government units and large state-owned enterprises. It has provided short-term emergency financial services to a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, and long-term brand promotion services to multiple banks and well-known clients, establishing a good reputation and popularity among customers and the industry. The group has provided travel services such as Japanese hotel management, guesthouse operation, Japan Travel, and investment since 2022.
Technology Services
Fangfa Digital Sicence and Technology Co., Ltd.(referred to as Fangfa Digital) is an innovative digital technology service provider. Founded in 2003, it has been provided professional software development, system integration and e-commerce services to enterprises and organizations. Fangfa Digital has extensive experiences in key sectors such as education, energy, manufacturing, government, retail, and e-commerce. It has been committed to providing professional, comprehensive, and efficient software technology services to the clients. Fangfa Digital has the Software Enterprise Certificate and the Software Product Registration Certificate. It also has ISO9001Certificate for quality management, ISO14001 Certificate for environmental management, OHSAS18001 Certificate for occupational health and safety management, and the Telecommunications Value-Added Service Business License (ICP). In addition, Fangfa Digital is the Executive director unit of the Sichuan E-commerce Association and Chengdu Software Industry Association.
Financial Services
ichuan Fudu Pawn Co., Ltd.(referred to as Fudu Pawn) was established in 2009 with a registered capital of RMB eighty million. It is a non-banking financial institution approved by the Sichuan Regulatory Bureau of the National Financial Supervision and Administration Authority, which engages in various types of pledge and mortgage loan businesses. Its main business includes movable property pawn, property rights pawn, and real estate mortgage pawn. Guided by the principles of Integrity-based and Customer-first, Fudu Pawn prioritizes service, integrity, and helping people in urgent need. The corporate spirit of Fudu Pawn is Dedication, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Dedication, Exploration, Innovation, Ambition and Strength. Fudu Pawn is committed to providing flexible, convenient, and short-term financing services to their customers. It aims to become a trusted “loan bank” for small and medium-sized enterprises and the general public.
Advertising Business
Pangod Advertising is a professional solution provider on internet advertising and technology services. Founded in 2003 and based on rich media resources, strong direct sales management capabilities, abundant industry experiences, and good service awareness and capabilities, Pangod Advertising aims to create a service platform, which connects various and rapidly-developing internet media with regional clients of different industries. It helps internet media platforms promote and monetize their advertisements in the regional market, and helps regional clients effectively combine their traditional business models with online marketing to gain unique advantages and improve the return rates on advertising. Over the years, Pangod Advertising has established a good popularity and reputation among clients and the industry.
Brand Services
Chengdu Hongjun Brand Management Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of Aspiring to soar like a swan, with the Strong Strength. It is dedicated to helping governments and enterprises with brand management, image planning, publicity consulting and public relations activities. It also provides services such as advertising design and production, cross-media advertisement placement, event execution, video producing and publication production. The company integrates the traditional media with the internet and emerging advertising resources, leveraging creativity and the power of execution to become the creator of beautiful brands and the integrator of media platforms.
International Business
In 2020, Pangu Japan Co., Ltd. was established in Tokyo, Japan. It has been specialized in cross-border tourism and investment services between China and Japan. Based on the Tokyo metropolitan area, it provides services throughout Japan, seeking high-quality properties with unique perspectives and creating benchmark brands for guesthouses and hotels in the Kanto region. It offers elegant and comfortable accommodations for visitors of Japan, ideal investment targets for high-net-worth individuals, and high-quality consulting services for cross-border business clients.
Travel Services
Chengdu Huanyu Zongheng International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.(referred to as Huanzong Travel) was established in 2019. The headquarter of company is in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is a comprehensive tourism service provider, which offers customized itineraries, travel guides, charter services, visa processing, hotel accommodations services. The company’s business scope covers both domestic and international destinations, including Sichuan Province, Japan and other areas. It has the excellent capabilities to handle individual and group travel, as well as corporate business trips, inspections, conferences, and related services.


Supporting the development of the clients’ businesses Empowering the lives of the employees.
To become a comprehensive enterprise in the field of business services that pursues excellence. To be a socially responsible and compassionate company.
Integrity, Dedication, Teamwork, Embracing changes,
Taking action, Striving for excellence, Fulfilling the mission.
Address: 37F, IMP Global Center, No.318, Dongda Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.